Lago Verde

It is a walk that is also suitable for the little ones, continue along path no. 4, towards Monte Croce.

After a 20-minute walk you reach the Croce lakes, continuing along the route you climb the grassy slope that leads to Colle Croce from which you can admire the Matterhorn and the majestic Monte Rosa massif; after 10 minutes of descent you arrive at the spectacular Lago Verde.

It is an emerald green lake  with reddish shores and magical shades; in 1927 it was estimated at least 15 meters deep on the southern side; according to the Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment, it has an area of 4980 m²  and derives from glacial excavation.

It appears to be devoid of fauna and vegetation, but it is a place much loved by ibexes who often go to rest near the Green Lake.

The Green Lake with the Matterhorn in the background, going up to Monte Croce.

The Green Lake on a gloomy day.

The lake seen from the path that leads to Roisetta.

The green lake at the foot of Monte Croce.


Taxi rides with lunch in a refuge are organized.
Trip (ascent + descent) with lunch (drinks not included) 45.00 euros per person. Minimum 4 people.

For reservations +39 335 66 26 748