Becca Trécare

difficulty: media-facile - EE duration: 1h 30m starting altitude: 2600 mt arrival altitude: 3033 mt

From Colle Nana, you continue to the right 3c along the easy ridge, wich can be walked without difficulty up to the top.

The Becca Trécare is a regular rocky pyramid that rises between the Petit Tournalin and the Bec di Nana. The toponym, according to U. Balestrieri, means peck of the 3 borders, that is, it is the point of union of the territories of the municipalities of Ayas, Chamois and Valtournenche.


The Matterhorn seen from the top of Becca Trécare.


Behind the cross you can see the Petit Tournalin and the Grand Tournalin, on the right 
there is the Monte Rosa massif.

The Refuge in collaboration with:

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The recommended

Grand Tournalin 3380 mt

Bec di Nana 3010 mt

Becca Trécare 3033 mt

Piccolo Tournalin 3207 mt

Monte Croce 2894 mt

Monte Roisetta 3334 mt

Lago Verde 2723m